The Giving CircleTM - Appleton Awareness Gallery

The Giving CircleTM

Our Gifts to the Community

The meaning behind the Giving Circle™ is simple — give a little of yourself for the good of others. Each individual art piece in the gallery highlights a moment in time when good people chose to embody the spirit of giving. United they become a work of art, a Giving Circle™, a symbol of hope and a reminder that each and every one of us can make a difference.

The Giving Circle™ art piece is the main feature in the Appleton Awareness Gallery. Each awareness exhibition is represented with a custom-made “circle”. The idea of the Giving Circle™ was inspired by a poem written by Ruth Georgiou, Diana LaRue’s mother.

DSC_0531The Circle of Giving

Giving always creates a circle,
A steady ebb and flow–
from giver to given then back it comes
Returning to the giver, and so
The one who gives most truly receives
For the receiver is going too.
This makes a tide of love that flows
Circling between those two.

–Ruth S. Georgiou

Several of the Giving Circle™ art pieces have been donated to local organizations in the community including Orlando City Hall and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.