Past Exhibit

Pasadena Villa “Realize Real Lives” Art Exhibit

Pasadena Villa is an innovator in mental health residential treatment and transitional services for adults. The artists featured in this gallery have extraordinary courage and have overcome challenges in their lives with “mental illness.” The artists have chosen to share their expression and hope through art in order to have their voices heard.

Simple Expressions of Complex Emotions

The Artist’s Testimonies

“Order out of chaos.”

“Way to enjoy and explore.”

“Fills my empty space in my mind.”

“A place of no rules, a place of respect and place of fantasy.”

“Freedom to be and way to express ourselves without judgment.”

“It makes me feel more real, but at the same time offers an escape from reality.”

We have been honored in working with the participants of this exhibition. We have witnessed their extraordinary courage of overcoming the challenges of living with “mental illness.” They have chosen to share their experience with the community in hope that their voices will be heard. Our hope is to provide awareness to the community regarding the stigmatization of mental illness where for some time, these individuals have lived in secrecy and fear of harsh ridicule and judgment.  We hope that “realizing their real lives” eradicates this stigma and brings hope to others.

About Pasadena Villa

Pasadena Villa is an innovator in mental health residential treatment and transitional services for adults. In Orlando, Pasadena offers 24 licensed residential beds and a comprehensive continuum which includes intensive residential treatment, community residential homes and transitional living/life skills services. In Tennessee, their Smoky Mountain Lodge is an awe-inspiring facility with 29 private residential rooms. All programs are based on Pasadena Villa’s internally developed Social Integration Model.

Art Therapy at Pasadena Villa

Pasadena Villa recognizes the importance in providing a creative outlet for their clients and the therapeutic value in their treatment. By creating art, as well as reflecting on the art process and products, they help their clients improve and enhance their physical and emotional well being. The process involved in artistic self expression helps reduce stress, manage behavior, cope with symptoms and often resolve traumatic experiences. Furthermore, through their interaction with the process, they can increase awareness of self and others, increase self esteem, cognitive abilities, achieve insight, and enjoy the life affirming pleasures in making art.