Appleton Awareness Gallery

We believe in the power to move people, with the stroke of a brush.

We believe art has the power to intervene, inspire and save lives. Using a variety of styles and colors, from bold to subtle, art speaks to people in different, magical ways. With such potential for good, why not interweave artistic expression into what you believe.

Welcome to the Appleton Awareness Gallery. Where the pieces within signify moments of good, togetherness and love. Look closer and you‘ll find moments of need, when hope was needed most, alongside emotions difficult to articulate through any other method. The expressive use of our gallery gives way for communication beyond verbal. Our space fosters a creative transformation that engages each viewer on a level they can understand.

Our team has gone above and beyond in using art to create awareness for our local community, friends and clients. When it comes to the issues, there’s no better way to tell a story than through imagery. Lend us an eye and we’ll show you the role art can play in creating a better world.

To learn more about Appleton Creative, visit appletoncreative.com.